Opti-Kote is a in-line coating process that delivers as semi-matte micro-embossed, textured look while allowing pinpoint register to high-gloss areas.


Opti-Seal offers the graphic designer room for creativity and provides complete double-sided, full-color printing and coating of blister card all in one pass. Since all processes are completed in one pass, not only does the customer enjoy cost-savings when compared to competitor’s pricing but also a quicker turnaround time which is essential in delivering your product to the marketplace.


Opti-Glitter is an alternative option to traditional silk-screen glitter applications. Opti-Glitter is an in-line process, starting with a proprietary prepress application followed by registered micro-embossing, giving the product refracting and tactile qualities. Opti-Glitter is environmentally-safe and more economical when compared to traditional silk-screen methods.

Structural Design

Color Optics uses state-of-the-art technology, including CAD/CAM software and advanced sample-making technology. Using this technology, Color Optics creates a Color Accurate Prototype (CAP), an exact replica of your packaging, that is die-cut and glued to its final dimensions using the actual substrate for the production run. This exact prototype expedites internal reviews and approvals, accelerates the production of advertising, promotional materials and displays, and enables clients to preview the product/packaging with retailers.