Fragrance & Cosmetics

Color Optics offers the most extensive line of special effects and paper stocks to match the brilliance and essence of your Fragrance & Cosmetics products. Color Optics has been serving the Fragrance and Cosmetics industry for over 38 years, recognizing and adapting to the changes in the industry as lifestyle and environmental influences shape the market. With our focus on understanding your customer base, we work closely with you and watch consumer trends so that we can anticipate and meet your brand marketing needs. From blotter cards to folding cartons, we offer the full continuum of packaging products to cover your fragrance or cosmetics campaign from start to finish.

Personal Care

Color Optics offers a complete line of folding carton options to market the multiple versions and sizes of your Personal Care products. While your focus is on the purpose of your skincare product - whether it be exfoliating, firming or nourishing, we set our attention to creating a functional and creative package to deliver your product to the customer. Our structural design team creates the perfect packaging solution to cradle and protect your product.

Consumer Products

Does your product packaging convey the value of your product and entice the consumer to spend their hard-earned dollars in your direction? Does your product arrive consumer-ready and intact on the shelf? We recognize that consumers have become more savvy in their spending and that your product packaging needs to convey its value through effective and visually –stimulating packaging. We work with you to create packaging that differentiates your product from your competitors, by offering an extensive selection of innovative special effects and finishes all the while designing flexible and reliable packaging that securely fits the contours of your product.