Who We Are

Color Optics has been serving the Cosmetics, Fragrance, Skin Care and Consumer Products industries for over 38 years, delivering the highest-quality packaging products available. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to improving our manufacturing processes, Color Optics works with customers to deliver award-winning designs that appeal to the consumer and sell your Brand.

As a domestic manufacturer, we offer extensive, in-house structural design and digital prepress capabilities and our technologically-advanced UV printing platform supports an array of printing and finishing options. Our innovative special effects include foil stamping, embossing and UV embellishments as well as our trademarked products Opti-Glitter, Opti-Kote, and Opti-Seal.

At Color Optics, we understand the complex nature of packaging and work as partners with our customers to ensure that the finished packaging project aligns with their creative vision.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are Color Optics, a division of Phoenix Color, a proud American manufacturing company focused on bringing your projects to life through print. As an industry leader with cutting-edge technology and experienced employees, we continually invest in new product development which positions us to serve all industries in need of superior printing.
We envision a culture of highly-versatile, forward-thinking employees who embrace continuous improvement and learning so that as a company, we can reach new heights in productivity and efficiency. Moving through the industry’s evolving landscape, we will seek to expand our services and products into new markets, further pursuing our quest to become the unrivaled leader in all industries that we serve.

Core Values

Our Core Values serve as a guiding force in demonstrating our mission and achieving our vision.

People - We value building trust and confidence in our relationships with others. We recognize the strength of honoring these relationships and in treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Craftsmanship - We value craftsmanship within every area of our company, recognizing the creative skill required to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Technology - We value our existing and developing technology as it represents the key to successfully maintaining our continued leadership in the print industry.

Education - We value education as a means to enrich the minds of our employees and customers so that they can grow both personally and professionally.

Environment - We value the environment and are aware of our place in it, focusing on the reduction of waste by maximizing our efficiency.

Our Team

The Color Optics team monitors consumer trends and works closely with our customers to develop inspired designs that move consumers to action. With an employee average of 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, our Color Optics team is guided by a proven, disciplined process and commitment to manage your project seamlessly from start to finish. With the depth of employee experience and a culture supporting creativity, the Color Optics team can handle every kind of paperboard packaging project from folding cartons to visual packaging to point-of-purchase displays.

Mitchell Librot

Vice President of Sales

Mitch Librot has more than 35 years of experience in the printing business. He began his career 1982 as Production Manager of Color Graphics Press. In 1987, he joined DePalma Printing Company and went to work for Color Optics in 1996.